Miami- Upper Eastside

5600 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33137
Phone: 305-762-5751

Our MiMo District Side Street Pizza

Since opening in 2001, Andiamo has been regarded as one of the top MiMo District side street pizza restaurants in South Florida. Being loyal to traditional pizza parlors in the North Eastern United States, Andiamo delivers an authentic pie with dough made fresh daily. The finest toppings are brought in fresh everyday and prepared on site. A true Italian-American restaurant, Andiamo’s pizza will bring you back to New York City where every corner has “The Best” pie in town.


Located at 55th Street Station, in the Historic MIMO district, Andiamo is a one of a kind destination. Housed in a converted 1954 Robert Law Weed building, The General Tire of Miami, the fully enclosed glass building is an Historical Landmark. The outside is an oasis featuring picnic tables, projection screens to watch you favorite events, climate controlling misting fans.

Along with the award winning pizza’s, Andiamo serves wonderful salads and Panini sandwiches. Since 2007, Frank Crupi and his wife Priscilla formed a partnership with Mark Soyka. Featuring a hand picked wine list as well as a great selection of domestic and imported beers, Andiamo is also one of the few places in South Florida to carry Boylans Old Fashion sodas out of New York.

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