Andiamo’s Frank Crupi on 16 Years of Success in MiMo

If you’ve lived in Miami long enough, you understand that operating a successful restaurant for many years in this city is quite the feat. This past month, however, Andiamo in the MiMo district celebrated its 16th birthday. What’s the secret? Managing partner Frank Crupi attributes the pizzeria’s longevity to the fact Andiamo hasn’t strayed from its original mission.

Since opening day, the menu and recipes have remained unchanged, and despite new trends in the pizza realm, Andiamo continues to serve straight-shooting New York-style pies. Crupi describes Andiamo’s brick-oven pizza as American meets Italian, and says customers have always had the option to choose their own toppings for a fully customized full or half pie.

“There’s always going to be newer, shinier, and slicker pizzerias, and they’re wonderful, but we’ve been consistent since day one in serving just fresh, quality ingredients. Everything’s handmade, and it seems to be a good formula,” explains Crupi when asked why folks keep coming back to Andiamo.

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