THE 8 BEST PIZZAS IN MIAMI | Andiamo Pizza! Brick Oven Pizza
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THE 8 BEST PIZZAS IN MIAMI | You’ve come a long way from your days of ordering $5 delivery pizza at 3a, passing out, and waking up to eight VERY angry voicemails from the delivery dude. Or maybe you haven’t. Either way, there’re tons more pizza options in Miami than there used to be and, since you’re probably still blacklisted from that $5 place, you should check out our picks for Miami’s top eight pizza shops.



What you’re ordering: The Pollo
This Biscayne corridor pioneer has a huge range of specialty combos, from Pesto Chicken to Tuscan Tuna to the seven-veggie Ratatouille. Plus, you can sit outside and see where Eugene Robinson got arrested right before Super Bowl XXXVIII!

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