Why Brick Oven Pizza & Fresh Ingredients Make All the Difference


Why Brick Oven Pizza & Fresh Ingredients Make All the Difference

Everyone has their own opinion on what the perfect pizza is—the style of crust, sauce, and toppings that make up the ideal pizza vary from one to another. However, one thing that many can agree on is that pizza is best when made fresh from natural ingredients and baked in a brick oven. The crispness and smoky flavor can’t be copied any other way, so when you’re looking for a premiere pizzeria in Miami Beach, it’s got to be one that uses brick ovens. At Andiamo! Brick Oven Pizza, our brick ovens and the freshest ingredients are exactly what you’ll find. Here’s why:

Baking with Brick

Brick, clay, and other masonry ovens have seen use throughout history and the world for cooking, and not just for pizza. Even as technology advanced, brick ovens remained popular because they bake food in a unique way. Conventional modern ovens circulate heated air through the interior to cook food. Brick ovens, though, absorb heat from the heat source—often the fire—and release the heat over time. The bricks radiate heat more evenly within the oven, too. A brick oven heated to around 600°F will heat both the crust and toppings of a pizza to the ideal temperature. Steel ovens don’t heat pizza as evenly, though: if you turned your kitchen oven up to 600°F, you’d just burn the crust, but if you turned the temperature down then the toppings would be undercooked. On top of that, that high heat in the brick oven means pizzas cook more quickly as well—your pizza is ready within 3 minutes after it goes in!


Fresh is Best

For many people, frozen pizzas and pizzas from restaurant chains don’t hold a candle to a freshly handmade one. The choice of ovens does play a substantial part, but as with any food, the choice of ingredients counts for a lot. The ingredients used in frozen or chain pizzas aren’t necessarily held to the same standards as those a pizzeria would use. When a pizzeria prepares fresh ingredients in the kitchen instead of buying them premade, the flavor is better preserved. They’re also healthier with more nutrients retained and no preservatives used. The dough and sauce used in an Andiamo! pizza pies are made in-house on demand, and the toppings are brought in fresh every day and prepared in-house as well. Fresh ingredients become more valuable with a brick oven; since the pizza cooks so much more quickly in a brick oven, the result is as fresh as can be.

A Pizza Like No Other


So what’s a brick oven pizza like? Crispy, fresh, tasty and nutritious. The rapid baking process and constant, even heat flow quickly crisps the outside of the crust, locking in moisture to make the crust fluffy and flavorful instead of soggy. Cheese, vegetables, and other toppings get the same treatment, and the rich nutrients found in fresh ingredients are also locked in. The brick oven enhances the pizza’s flavor in other ways as well, as the fire imparts a smoky flavor to the cheese and crust. To finish it off, the chef drizzles olive oil over the pizza as it comes out of the oven—that olive oil would be lost during heating, but it’s perfect when added at the end. It’s little wonder that pizzerias in Miami Beach and around the world still use brick ovens!

From the high-quality ingredients and the expertise of the in-house chefs to the unique properties of brick ovens, a good Miami pizzeria pizza has a lot behind it. Andiamo! Brick Oven Pizza has been bringing it all together since 2001 to serve the Miami area with some of the best pizza possible. There’s plenty to choose from on Andiamo’s menu, and it’s not just pizzas—our salads and panini sandwiches are well worth the visit, too. Come on by!